Afficheur 1.3″ SPI 3.3V

Afficheur 1.3″ 3.3V SPI

SIZE 1.3inch Display Mode Normally black IPSDisplay Format Graphic 240RGB*240 Dot-matrixInput Data SPI interfaceDrive IC ST7789VW

Dimensional outline 27.78(W)*39.22 (H)*3.0+/-0.1(T)mm
Resolution 240RGB*240 Dots
LCD Active area 23.4 (W)*23.4 (H)Dot pitch 0.0975(H) x 0.0975(V) mm
Viewing Direction All ViewOperating Temperature -20~70°C  

  • 1 GND Ground
  • 2 VCC Power 3.3V
  • 3 SCL Serial clock pin.
  • 4 SDA Serial data input
  • 5 RES LCM Reset pin,
    This pin is reset signal input. When the pin is low, initialization of the chip isexecuted. Keep this pin pull high during normal operation.
  • 6 DC Data/Command Control
  • 7 BLK Backlight control pin

Jean-François FREBOURG

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